Let's say that I turned on my MBAir at home; wifi networking works. Then I close the lid (MBA goes to sleep) and go to different place with different wifi network. When I change the wifi network (eq when I go to nearby coffee shop) something strange happens: from that point I can not reach most of the internet. Even when I come back home, the same problem exists! This is a summary of what I have found:

  • DNS is working
  • reseting DNS (using com.apple.discoveryd.plist) does not help
  • ping is working
  • traceroute works
  • turning wireless off and on does not help (via ifconfig)
  • however, I can not connect to port 80, for example, using wget results with "connection timed out".
  • browsers doesn't work (obviously)
  • this issue is not related to a target web site, this happens all the time.
  • other devices in my network work fine, so its not a router issue.
  • re-adding network doesn't help.

The only thing that helps is switching computer off and then back on; but this is not a solution for me.

Can any one recommend a solution, preferably in terminal (so I can issue the fix everytime when I experience it)?

I have MBA 2013 and Yosemite installed.

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I had Wireshark installed, and since I've removed it, everything works.


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