I have an Apple dock for my iPhone 4 and find it beautiful so I like to have it in my desktop or my bed table while charging. The thing is I'd like to have a simple app that shows me the time, weather, maybe a small brief of my social network accounts, dunno just useful info so the phone isn't just standing there with the screen off.

I find difficult to find something like this with a decent graphics quality in the iTunes Store. Any suggestions?

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I'm using Alarm Clock (there's a free version, but with an ad on the bottom, so not very "beautiful").

alarm clock pro

It shows the time of the day (obviously) and can also show the date, and the weather/temperature. Nice touch: sliding your finger increase/decrease brightness.

(But no social network)


The easiest way to do this and get exactly the look you want is to create (or find) a web site that displays that. Go to it on Safari, and make a web clipping out of it.

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