I am having an issue viewing email on Office 365 with Mail app.

After clicking on the Office 365 mailbox to read the emails the message list goes blank after about a minute, I then have to click on another mailbox then back to the Office 365 one to view the messages again but you only get about a minute until it does it again. This is frustrating when you are reading a long email.

This only happens with Office 365 accounts, I also use iCloud and Google mail accounts without any problems in Mail.

I have run connection doctor but it says everything is ok.

Has anyone any ideas? Or come across this before?

  • Having updated my Mac to El Capitan this issue seems to have been resolved, 3 days using Mail app and no blank mailbox issues. – Lee Oct 4 '15 at 11:46

This seems to be a known bug which has been around since (if Google is anything to go by) at least OS X 10.8 (!) and is still not fixed. That's modern Apple for you.

None of these worked for me (e.g. the "Rebuild" option is greyed out, for starters!) but maybe they'll help you.

Mail.app inbox becomes blank after a few minutes of use

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