I am having an issue with Time Machine. Since upgrading to Yosemite Time Machine has not been working. I have seen this seems to be a common issue but have not seen reference to my specific case.

I noticed my backup drive (formatted on Yosemite for backups) was not backing up content (although it said it was). I tried formatting the drive and setting it up as a backup drive again but to no avail.

When I run the backup I get the following message for about 5 seconds, Backing up Zero KB of 1.85 TB, and then it disappears saying finishing backup. Obviously the data is not being backed up for some reason.

I have:

  • Verified the disk (OK)
  • Repaired the disk (OK)
  • Formatted the disk (OK)
  • Re setup time machine (OK)

I am running:

  • Yosemite
  • Server 4.0
  • SmbUp
  • External Drive with work content (to be backed up)
  • Backups are set for only the external (other drives are excluded)

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