Our home MacBook has two users on it: my wife's and mine. This morning we noticed when logged in as my wife's user that in the KeyChain Access it has all of my web passwords. Including passwords I only use on my work laptop. How is this possible?

To clarify exactly what's going on let's define some things:

  • MacBooks
    • Home-macbook
    • Husband-work-macbook
  • Apple/iTunes accounts
    • Wife-apple-account
    • Husband-apple-account
  • OSX users on home-macbook
    • Wife-osx-user (uses Wife-apple-account)
    • Husband-osx-user (uses Husband-apple-account)
  • OSX users on work-macbook
    • Employee-osx user (uses Husband-apple-account)

So this is what happened exactly: On Home-macbook, logged in as Wife-osx-user, we could see passwords in the KeyChain Access program that were only ever used on work-macbook as Employee-osx.

Now if Employee-osx passwords showed up on Home-macbook when logged into Husband-osx-user, that could make some sense. But why are the passwords being shared between users? Are they linked through OSX somehow and can I turn that off?

One important note is that this home-macbook was recently upgraded from Snow Leopard to Yosemite.


When I delete these passwords from the KeyChain Access app, they almost immediately are re-added automatically! How can I stop this?!

  • Under the iCloud system Preference which user is logged in on the work-macbook and Home-macbook
    – markhunte
    Jan 25, 2015 at 21:06
  • On Work-macbook the iCloud user is Husband-apple-account. On home-macbook logged in as wife-osx-user, iCloud is not logged in. ///something else freaky happening too, adding info above
    – jlarson
    Jan 25, 2015 at 21:32

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The problem is that I have logged into Chrome under wife-osx-user. Chrome saves passwords into keychain. And then keychain makes those available to Safari. Not AT ALL the desired behavior but I suppose it makes some sense.

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