Okay, so one thing I've wanted to be able to do for ages now in OS X is to create or view a combined Applications folder that displays the contents of both /Applications and ~/Applications (assume it exists).

Now, I know LaunchPad can do this, but I'd still like to be able to do this in a regular Finder window, for example using a Smart Folder.

Is this possible, and if so, what are the steps for doing this (either in the Finder itself, or via command line)?

I've experimented for searches of my entire computer for all Applications, however this only returns the application bundles themselves, ignoring any enclosing folders. Really I just want top level items for each of the applications folders; for example, I'd like to see the /Applications/Utilities folder, not its contents.

  • I'm not certain this is a true duplicate, or at least the other issue is happy to accept solutions I'm not sure really fit what I'm asking; creating links via a script for example feels a very messy way to do this. Do smart folders still lack any means of combining results (e.g - an OR) for two searches? – Haravikk Jan 26 '15 at 13:05
  • I've actually found a capability in mdfind that kind of covers this; I can do mdfind -onlyin /Applications -onlyin ~/Applications 'kind:App' which at least combines the results, but there's no obvious way to do this as a smart folder. – Haravikk Jan 28 '15 at 11:03

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