I use my iPhone to wake me up for school in the morning. The one flaw in that workflow is that, as any student knows, snow day season is very much upon us. I also have an iPad (school-given and limited accordingly) and an MBP. iOS 8.1.2 (non-jailbroken) and OS X 10.1.1.

Is there a way, using the devices at my disposal, to subscribe to a notification service (such as one of the news stations that sends text or email notifications about school delays/closings) and automatically have my alarms altered accordingly? i.e. If my school calls a 2-hour delay, I want my 6:15 alarm turned off and an 8:15 one turned on, and if they call a full-blown cancellation, I want all alarms off. Can it be done?

Ideally, the device emitting the alarm would still be the iPhone that sits on my nightstand at night, but I guess I'd be willing to have the alarm on my computer if it's the only way.


Look into IFTTT, specifically the weather recipes, this isn't something the iPhone can do out-of-the-box. Jailbroken, i'm sure, but unless a developer specifically creates an app for you, this isn't something the iPhone has implemented into it's core services. [That's why the App Store Universe is so relevant and massive]. In regards to you turning an alarm off or on pending a No-School alert, isn't probable across any mediums I would think. You could code something a computer before implementing this on an iPhone or iPad. Here's the thing, even if developers developed an app, they have no control over core services, so the alarm app that ships with the device is untouchable to any developer outside of apple, they can't turn that on or off, Apple won't let them. They can alter, change, update or create alarms or anything within their own app bundle, but nothing outside of it while maintain App Store Guidelines and integrity using Public APIs. So your resources are limited here. I'm not saying it's impossible, what I am saying, is you should probably focus your efforts towards a more robust (customizable) option like a computer (your MBP). The first step you have to over come is receive an alert like that and handle it

  • IFTTT works by sending trigger emails, right? If I set up Gmail to automatically forward emails from a notification service to IFTTT, what would the next steps be? – user24601 Jan 24 '15 at 5:24
  • Well if your looking at it from that angle (recevie email from specific person then notify a recipe on IFTTT to activate) then you can just start looking through the recipes and see if there is one already. I just did a quick glimpse and found a notification (I doubt its an alarm sound more of a notification sound since apple limits notification sounds to 30 sec, but maybe you can customize it in the app, I actually don't have it downloaded nor use it). – soulshined Jan 24 '15 at 5:38

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