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If I have multiple PDFs open in preview, as shown with the "table of contents" sidebar, if I click on one of the other documents and then return to the current document, it returns me to page 1 instead of the page I'm on (in this case, page 9). Is there any way to have preview return me to the page I'm on?

  • Only if you have the Thumbnails view and then expand.
    – Ruskes
    Jan 23, 2015 at 18:59

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Option+Page Up/Down. Or on a Macbook, Fn + Option + Arrow Up/Down

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AFAIK only with a work-around:

  1. add a bookmark with cmdD in your currently visible PDF
  2. choose another PDF read a bit and add a second bookmark there
  3. switch to bookmark view with altcmd5
  4. choose the bookmark of your first PDF in the sidebar
    You may delete the bookmark using the context menu



This might just be personal preference, but when I am working with multiple PDFs in Preview, I generally have them open in separate windows.

Say you have three PDFs open, each in their own Preview window. Then you can use cmd~ to switch between active windows. Since they are all open in their own window, you will never lose your place in any of the documents.

The cmd~ shortcut works for any application you have open, which has more than one window open, AFAIK.

If you are set on keeping all of the PDFs under one Preview window, I think klanomath's suggestion would be your best bet.

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