In finder, I can cntrl + click on a file and click "compress"... Sometimes. It seems that randomly the option just won't show up and I have to open a new finder window, or duplicate the folder first, or something ridiculous like that.

Is this a bug, or is compress only supposed to show up under certain circumstances?

  • Also check that the disk has space enough to store the zip file
    – Freeman
    Commented May 8, 2022 at 13:12

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This might help:

Apple discussions

It says that you can't compress certain folders like smart folders that are created in the 'All My Files' and 'Recents' box.


Open the Terminal. Use one of the following commands:

zip -r name_of_the_archive.zip path_to_the_folder
tar -zcvf name_of_the_archive.tar.gz path_to_the_folder

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