I connect my iPhone to the AUX cable in my car and play music. This one time I wanted to video record, but when I switch to the video camera, it turns my music off.

Is there anyway to record video on iPhone 6 while playing music, so that the music is in the video?

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    In short: without jailbreak? No. – Rob Jan 23 '15 at 18:18

An app called "Jamcam" is the only way I've found to do it, might be better options out there but I don't know them, hope his helped (:


Check out Record and Listen. Jamcam is great, but only records videos for up to 15 seconds.


Snapchat does. you can only make 10 second videos but its still plays in the background your voice and whatever you're playing from your phone


Hey there’s a possible way to do that its so simple without any jailbreak or anything .. everyone has whatsapp it does the same thing what you are asking for just creat group on whatsapp add your any friend and then go and remove him or her now you can go to now open camera from that group record a unlimited video with background music and sent it in group and save it


I helped develop this iPhone app just for this purpose. It is a video recorder that won't pause your music.


WhatsApp that’s what I use I just send to my old phone number find something like that or just send to a friend who doesn’t Mind getting random vids from you

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