I want to be able to find all mp3 files with exactly 4 letters so i can highlight them and open them up in ITunes. How do I do this?

I recently copied mp3s from my iPod to my mac. These files are all labelled with 4 random letters (eg. WRXL) and only reveal the name of the artist and song once opened in iTunes. When I highlighted all the files and double clicked and most of them opened up iTunes and became properly labelled, however i am left with about 2000 songs with the weird labels. These files are scattered through different albums and artists, so i need to find a way to group them all together so i can open them at the same time.

Thanks for the help!


You can make it from Terminal.app. Open Terminal, navigate to the folder where Your music is (here's example for iTunes library):

cd ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media/Music/

Then run this command:

find . -name "[[:alpha:]][[:alpha:]][[:alpha:]][[:alpha:]].mp3" -exec open {} \;"

This will find all 4 letters mp3 files, for example XXXX.mp3 and open them in default app.

Pattern in the find command could be shortened, but I can't find it right now.


I'd just use the Recently Added smartlist & sort by date added.

You can't search by '4 random characters'.

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