I have an Android phone with WhatsApp installed on it. I want to move this Sim-Card to an iPhone and installing WhatsApp on it.

Is it possible to backup/transfer/restore the history over to iOS?

I saw that there are third party apps. So it seems it should work.

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    Are the any news on this? There are paid and dubious applications on the internet which claim they can make that happen. Are there any open source / scripts available which do this transformation? – theomega Mar 31 '16 at 12:27

Quoting Quora user Julio Cesar Sanchez Hernandez:

The only free way I’ve found is using watoi:

It requires a mac with Xcode and iTunes, and the unencrypted msgstore.db with the Whatsapp conversations from Android (you can get it using WhatsApp Key/DB Extractor)

Won’t give much more details as the watoi project link has a README with the instructions and are easy to follow

Watoi has two limitations though, per its github page:

  • Media files and shared locations are not imported (got placeholders instead)
  • Messages from contacts that changed ids (phone numbers) are not linked

From the WhatsApp FAQ it looks like it is unfortunately not possible.

Also there is info on the website saying:

Your WhatsApp messages are automatically backed up and saved on your phone's memory daily.

So that must mean that it is saved in the application sandbox on iOS - therefore there would have to be an in-app mechanism to import the data, which seems to be lacking as the only feature close to this matter is Archive All Conversations - one way only.

  • Can anyone quote the relevant piece from the Whatsapp FAQ? The link currently results in full list of topics, not a specific article. – yurkennis Nov 27 '17 at 19:15

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