I bought an Apple Developer Program. I submitted one of my app, and they rejected. They advised me:

If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resource, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide:

How many times I can ask TSI question? Is it any limit?

  • Off the top of my head, I believe two tickets came with the program. You may purchase more. You might want to first investigate by yourself why.
    – Shane Hsu
    Jan 21, 2015 at 8:28

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How many TSIs are included with my Developer Program?

  • iOS Developer Program, iOS Developer Enterprise Program, and Mac Developer Program Included with each enrollment are two (2) Technical Support Incidents per membership year. Additional TSIs are available for purchase.
  • Safari Developer Program. TSIs are available for purchase in either a 2-Pack for $99 USD or 5-Pack for $249 USD. Safari Developer Program members may purchase TSIs in Member Center under the Programs & Add-ons tab.
  • MFi Program. Included with each enrollment are eight (8) Technical Support Incidents per membership year.

Source: Requesting Developer Technical Support (you need a developer account to access).

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