So I am going to put a new hard drive on my Macbook Pro. After I install the hard drive how would I go about putting Yosemite on there? I have a pc and a 32gb flash drive. Could I download it through the pc onto the flash and then after I put in the new hard drive could I install from the flashdrive?


Theoretically, you could but it may or may not work. In my best opinion, I would go to an Apple Store and tell them to boot your computer on their network. They will do it for free, and it is a lot faster than sitting at home waiting for 2 hours while it downloads the OS again.


If you have an external USB enclosure, you could do what I did.

  • Put the new drive in the enclosure.

  • Use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your internal to the new drive. (Works for everything except Bootcamp partitions, for which you need WinClone)

  • Swap drives.

  • Done.

Not free, but solid.

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