I'm a Mac user who is a Japanese. I usually type Japanese using Google IME which enables me to type it with predictive texts so that we can type it faster.

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Google IME


In terms of English, I can't find good tools such as IME and a text editor. Does anyone know of one?

  • Google IME is a input method, the Textedit is a editor. what are you talking about?
    – nelson
    Jan 17, 2015 at 4:15
  • Sorry for my vague question.I prefer to use autocompletion as IME rather than a text editor.I'm gonna change the title of this question.
    – tokyo.gs
    Jan 17, 2015 at 4:18

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This question may have already been answered by How to setup predictive text (autocomplete) on Mac?, which states:

The closest things I've found to what you are looking for are this text editor experiment that you have to compile yourself


And this Chrome extension for Gmail https://complete.li

Both would require you to type in their respective places and then paste into your application of choice, but I haven't found anything that works systemwide.

However, just to complete the answer, there is a IME type method built into TextEdit, that can be activated by hitting the ESCAPE key, so if you type "beg" then the system will bring up a selection of words beginning with "beg", thus:

IME in TextEdit

However, the title of your question implies that you do not want to use that text editor. However, TextEdit is a system wide text entry mechanism so that particular functionality should be available in a number of text entry fields across the system.

Evernote has an autocomplete system, that relies on the the MAcOS autocomplete.

There is another method, using Emacs, which has an autocompletion mechanism. Again, though, it is tied to use within one particular application, although it is an extremely versatile application, if a little tricky to learn to use.

So, in summary, there appears to be no system-wide IME type functionality, apart rom the one built into OS X's TextEdit mechanism. To re-iterate the answer from Super User: you will have to type in a specific IME friendly application and then paste into your application of choice

  • Using Evernote is my blind spot.Thank you very much!
    – tokyo.gs
    Jan 17, 2015 at 18:41

You may want to try Sogou Pinyin, which is a Chinese input method but also has English mode with auto-completion feature

enter image description here


I developed an English Input Method for macOS.

enter image description here

https://pan.baidu.com/s/1jIxckfW Download the pkg file and install it.


version 1.3:

-input freely in any application of macOS.

-select automatically completed words by number.

-select the first suggested word with the Space key.

-enter the characters you typed with the Enter key. (E.G. "bea" in the example)

-remember user words automatically.

-support input space character automatically.


I wrote an input tool with autocompletion and spell-check feature, and instant translation (to Chinese, but you can replace the dictionary to let it translate English to Japanese) feature.

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