Is there a way to duplicate a Safari (Safari 7 for OS X) tab and carry its browsing history to the duplicate? Like, when I do Cmd-L, Cmd-Enter the copy has no history, as if I just pressed Cmd-T and pasted the URL of an existing tab.

Any suggestions on how to implement such a feature in case none exists will also be highly appreciated.

  • Nope. Chrome behaves as desired though.
    – zvukva
    Jan 16, 2015 at 10:19

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Not a solution (yet), but fyi you might want to keep an eye on this, if it gets implemented: https://github.com/thiemo/duplicatetabbutton/issues/2


It's not quite what you want, but you can set the default tab behavior to be open with same page, which will preserve your history.

enter image description here

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