I have a Windows system and a Mac. When I create a file (e.g. a.cpp) in Windows (with vim), Google Drive creates a lots of files like a (1).cpp, a (2).cpp ...
Some of them are delete by Google Drive after it creates them. Some are not.

Why does Google Drive generate so many files?

Also a.cpp is not the same as a.cpp in Windows. a (2).cpp in Mac is the same as a.cpp in Windows in some cases.

Why do the same files have different content?

When I check the access right of files, it should be something like

-rw------  ..................  a.cpp

However, when I create a file b.cpp in Mac it is

-rw-r--r-  ..................  b.cpp

Is it because of the accessing privilege problem?

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    Are you using google drive to control your code versions? Why don't you use a real version control, like git? I don't think that google drive is prepared to handle version control in a file that it's edited a dozen of times. Every time that you save your file, google drives understands it as a new version, and it probably causes your problem. Apr 27, 2017 at 15:46
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    – Rubén
    Dec 15, 2021 at 17:16

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I noticed the same issue, the problem it seems is when you 'edit' a file it get locked by the application and the google drive auto sync kicks in and creates a conflict file.

I notice this mostly with Photoshop files, as the files can get pretty large and the sync doesn't happen quickly like a simple text file and it cause a lot of duplicates.

My solution: pause google drive while I am working on these files and when done, let them sync.

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