I have created a user for my roommate on my mac. I gave her restricted access using Parental Controls. However, now I am testing out this user, I notice "Prevent the Dock from being modified" under the Apps tab of Parental Controls is checked and grayed out. I've been looking for a way to uncheck the box, but I think it might be an option that is fixed after you pick it when creating the user.

Does anyone know about this?

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I created a test user, using the default settings. "Prevent the Dock from being modified" was unchecked, and I left it that way. This was the only way I found to adjust that setting.

My original problem was not being able to create shortcuts on the desktop of the new user and I figured it was due to the dock settings. I tried to adjust those and found that it was grayed out.

With my test user (created with default settings) I was able to create shortcuts on the desktop like normal.

I hope this helps if anyone has a similar problem.

I haven't tested out this test user much, but I did notice that the new user with "Prevent the Dock from being modified" checked and grayed out had alot of bugs in it. I might not use that user at all because of this.

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