Can someone tell me what size icons I should be including in an iPhone app. Can I assume also that I should include two resolutions? Any help would be great, thanks.


These is a list of icon's resolution needed for iPhone, iPad and both of them.

  • 29x29 iphone/ipad
  • 40x40 iphone/ipad
  • 50x50 ipad
  • 57x57 iphone
  • 58x58 iphone/ipad
  • 72x72 ipad
  • 76x76 ipad
  • 80x80 iphone/ipad
  • 87x87 iphone
  • 100x100 ipad
  • 114x114 iphone
  • 120x120 iphone
  • 144x144 ipad
  • 152x152 ipad
  • 180x180 iphone

To generate all of them, I recommend you an app called Prepo that accept a 1024x1024 and generate the ones you defined.

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  • Thank you so much @jherran I am really only looking for the size and res that would be used as the icon used to start the app...... Thanks for the info on "Prepo" I will go and get it. – Tom Jan 10 '15 at 19:21

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