When "maximise" doesn't mean "maximise"

None of the maximise commands provide maximisation to fill the whole screen. When you have Dock not autohidden, then they only go up to the boundary of the dock. When you have Dock hidden they go near the edge of the screen but a few pixels short meaning you can see other apps and the desktop behind them.

User error?

First I thought it was because I was using third party apps to maximise. I tested in Sizeup, Moom and BetterTouchTools. But it turns out the native maximisation is broken to begin with. Nothing will let a window automatically maximise to the full screen size, there will always be some pixels left over wherever the Dock is even if you have it hidden and at the smallest size setting.


At first I thought this question was a duplicate and would provide my answer, but alas it doesn't. It is, of course, possible to move the window behind the dock protected pixels then resize it from the opposite side. But this has to be done for every window manually each time.

Is there any way to make it so that maximise fully maximises across the entire screen?

I really hope there is!

Bonus points

if anyone can find software that will allow keyboard shortcuts to do a different action moving a window dependant on where it currently is. e.g. in Windows 7 and above you can hit Windows+Left over and over and the window will first maximise half left, then maximise half right on the display to the left of the current display, then to the left of that display and so on. Likewise, Windows+Down will first restore a window, then minimise.


It's now been most of a year since I posted this question and despite extensive additional searching as well up updating to El Capitan, this OS X bug hasn't been fixed and I haven't been able to find any tool that offers a working solution. Any ideas at all?!

Update 2

This has been marked as closed since a similar question has already got an answer - forgive, I can't see the link to this answer and have been unable to find it myself.

Update 3

I've now been linked to the "answer" which says that it's not possible without disabling the Dock, Mission Control and the application switcher i.e. making crippling the core multitasking capabilities of the OS (and making it unusuable for me). I can say clearly that cutting off your nose to spite your face is not the sort of solution I was after. The "reason" given is not a) necessary as claimed by any reasoning I can come up with or b) relevant to required a border of clear pixels after maximising, c) true in any way as you can manually move windows behind the border and still have a fully-functioning Dock.

I don't understand why this is being marked as answered based on the other question since that's not really an answer even at a stretch - all the "answerer" says is they don't know of any reasonable solution.

Since it's possible manually, one would be inclined to believe it's technically possible. And there's no sound reason for "maximised" programs to behave in this way, again this is demontrabl



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