I have two Macs, each with ^-1 through ^-4 configured to switch between Mission Control desktops in Keyboard/Shortcuts. When I use Screen Sharing, these shortcuts always go to the local Mac, never to the remote Mac, regardless of whether the remote Mac otherwise has focus.

If I go into Keyboard/Shortcuts and disable these on the local Mac, I can then use them on the remote Mac. However, it's a hassle to toggle these every time I start/stop using Screen Sharing. Is there a way to get the local Mac to stop grabbing the shortcuts?


I have my local machine set to use Option for Mission Control. I set the remote Macs to use Control. This way, I have entirely separate key combinations.

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  • I may have to settle for something like that, but it's annoying enough getting my fingers to learn to switch back and forth between my MacBook's keyboard and the PC keyboard I have plugged into my iMac. – David Moles Jan 9 '15 at 16:45

I use Better Touch Tool for this. I.e.:

  • On the remote machine I assign ^+Number, ^+Left and ^+Right to select a Mission Control screen.

  • On the local Mac I assign ^+Space+Number, ^+Space+Left and ^+Space+Right to the same functions.

  • On the local computer I assign ^+... to ^+Space+... inside Better Touch Tool to all Apps. Additionally I assign ^+... to the same keys ^+... inside Better Touch Tool only to the Screen Sharing app.

Attention: When assigning the keys inside Better Touch Tool to the Screen Sharing app you must pay attention that the Non Recursive box is checked to avoid sending the same keys in a loop.

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