The MacOS stores icloud drive files locally in ~/Library/Mobile Documents.

Where does windows7 store icloud drive files by default? I had not customized the location while installing it in my windows machine.

I accidentally deleted icloud files in ipad. The files were synched between my windows7 laptop and ipad with icloud. When deleted from ipad, it was removed in windows too. When I used recovery tool (Dr fone) for ipad, it only recovered photos, contacts and bookmarks, but not the word documents. When I used recovery tool (R-studio and Recuva) in windows machine with magnetic disk, I could get all other old deleted files but icloud file.

Recovery software in windows find too many other files, but not icloud drive file when scanned c:\. May be I am searching in in wrong location.

Can anyone suggest where do I need to look and how to look?

  • I don't have iCloud drive on a PC here, but usually, that kind of data would be in %appdata% (C:users/[yourname]/AppData/Roaming/ if you need to go the long way) – Tetsujin Jan 9 '15 at 9:26

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