would anyone know how to delete and create user accounts in recovery mode? Precise steps would be awesome because im not too experienced with UNIX.

I already tried the userdel and useradd in urs\sbin folder.. "command not found", sudo or not.

I managed to bust up my OSX lion so it freezes in the grey apple start screen. Steps I took to succeed in that was:

1.Renamed my user account 2.Removed all permissions from "everyone" from my homefolder

I've tried all the basic NVRAM/PRAM resettings, repairing disks and user permissions with disk utility and restarting in safe-mode without any luck. The symptoms are not exactly the same but I thought to try this one trick from a post that I saw here, deleting the renamed user account and creating one back with the old name (though not with terminal here):

Last comment: How Should I Correct the Owners and Permissions in an OS X User Folder?


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