My daughter currently uses a Microsoft laptop for university and other day to day tasks. I'm about to buy her a Macbook Air for her 21st.

What Microsoft Office software for Mac does she need or would be best purchase?


Your Microsoft choices are listed here.

Main differences are, the online version and the fully installed on your hard drive.

Microsoft Office 365 (it is a online app), lower cost and 4 Years access.

Microsoft Office 2011 (on you hard drive)- no need to go to Internet.

Free app: Open Office, does almost everything Microsoft Office does.

I have the Office 2011 on my MacBook Air, it works like a charm (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), but stay away from the Outlook Email, and use the build in Apple Mail instead.

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  • Office 365 is not an online application - it is much the same as Office 2011, with the exception that it includes updates over the lifetime of the subscription. – Scot Jan 7 '15 at 20:48

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