Say you have the iPod connected to a dock to your home stereo. Is it possible to pair another bluetooth enabled device with it and stream music to the iPod?

In effect making the iPod like those Bluetooth adapters out there that add Bluetooth capability to the iPod dock.

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If you are sending audio from a Mac or PC this is very doable using the Rogue Amoeba product AirFoil:

It doesn't go over bluetooth, but WiFi similar to AirPlay - but it might be the closest you can get without jailbreaking iOS. I don't know of a specific jailbreak mod, but it's not something iOS/OS X does natively.

You might also be in the situation of these other users:

For sending bluetooth audio to a home receiver, I'd spend the money for a dedicated device like Belkin's as it remembers up to 6 paired devices and uses wall power. It's quite tiny even though the image below is large.



iPod Touch4 does a great job of transmitting BlueTooth natively as long as Bluetooth is enabled in Settings. The first time a device is connected the iPod remembers it as a pairable device and connection is automatic from there on whenever that device requests connection. I have six pairable devices but do not know if there is a maximum. I am not aware that iPod can receive Bluetooth (as a playback device) in its native state, but would like to know if there is a Proven App that would do this .

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