I have been able to run snow leopard by executing

rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/*Firewire*

I think need to sneak this somewhere into the yosemite installer..

Or perhaps install yosemite with a different laptop and then swap the drive into my old firewirebroken laptop after running my above command.

The yosemite upgrade hangs around the halfway point..

I can't justify buying a new logic board for this machine since I don't have a need for firewire. Just want to hack the OS into functionality.


I don't really see a question here. What is it you need help with? You should be able to get 10.10.1 either by (a) installing it on a working system and swapping the hard disk or (b) installing it on a working system, take a Time Machine backup, then restore said backup on to the broken system.

  • thanks just wanted to make sure there wasn't a quicker or better way. – Charles Spencer Jan 6 '15 at 13:21

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