this really bemuses me. i'm using pages 09 (version 4.1) on osx 10.9.5. when i terminate a scroll downward, the document makes a little "jump" to the right. this is maybe hard to visualize, so i made a gif:


also notice in the gif, there's a little gray area to the right of the document: when i resize the window the document grows or shrinks accordingly (zoom is set to "Fit Width"), but the gray area stays there.

this behaviour occours with some documents/windows, but not others. i tried to close/reopen the affected windows, and even quit/restart pages, to no avail.

how can i fix/prevent/workaround this issue?


  1. In the bottom left corner of the window, click on the zoom control and select 100% (or any fixed value).
  2. Click again and select Fit Width.
  3. Scroll is fixed.
  • @jherran please explain the rationale behind your editing
    – fffact
    Jun 12 '15 at 6:47

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