I've been trying to find an adapter for a Late 2014 MBP Retina SSD. Standard msata didn't fit, and from a few consumer reviews of other enclosures and adpaters, it seems to be uncertain if one exists. Its a "mini PCI-e" interface, but its been hard finding an enclosure using that term that doesn't end up being an msata one. The SSD installed has 28 pins (12+16). I've seen some mini PCI-e to usb adapters, but they are from sketchy sites with no product reviews. I was hoping someone here had experience with this and could recommend one that worked for them.

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Seems like OWC Envoy Pro is what you are looking for. Though it is kinda pricey avout 140$ now.

Compatibility table is like this so yours is included.

enter image description here


According to https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5446239?start=15, "because 2013 macbook SSD is PCI-e X4 version, it can't be read in SATA or USB port .It only can be read in PCI-e X4 adapter card". They have a link to a PCI-e card product that has a slot for the SSD to be inserted internally. It seems there aren't any USB interface options.

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