Suddenly, since today (not having installed todays OSX Update to 10.6.8, so still running 10.6.7), my Google Calendars ('delegates') have disappeared from iCal.

Strangely, I found them in the Window menu, where they are all listed. When I clen one of them there, iCal opens a new Window with only that calendar showing.

I want the combines view back, as it always was - where all calendars are shown at the right and can be selected for being displayed in the main pane.

Any ideas?

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I found a solution: in the iCal preferences + ,

From the accounts Tab:

  • Select the caldav server
  • go to the "Delegation" Tab.

There, all delegate Calendars are listed. Select the check marked for all calendars to be shown.

I have no idea how this setting got disabled, though.

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