enter image description hereWhen trying to create a NetRestore image in SIU on 10.10.1 and trying to add custom packages the build will always fail with Error Code 2.

I noticed when you try to Customize Packages that "Essential System Software" reads as 8.03TB but the SSD inside the computer is only 256GB.

I have tried to redownload the "Install OS X Yosemite" from the Mac App Store three times and with all 3 sources the "Essential System Software" will still always read as 8.03TB.

Does anyone else experience this and know how to resolve this?


'Customize Package Selection' is only valid for NetInstall images and not for NetRestore images - at least for Mavericks.


Probably it's the same for Yosemite. I haven't a source for that though.

On the other hand 'NetRestore' just uses an already prepared image of a working OS X installation - so absolutely nothing to customize afterwards...

  • Thats interesting. The Enterprise support guy at Apple seems to believe this should work and submitted the issue to the engineers – ProfFrnswrth Dec 30 '14 at 17:53

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