I want to sign up as an individual or as a company and sell apps on the App Store. SInce I have not purchased access to Developer Program I cannot check which countries are eligible..Any other way I can check this?

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Apple sells the developer program from the online stores in these countries:


You could assume that if the developer program is for sale on your country's specific Apple online store, then you are good to go as far as selling apps from that country to anywhere Apple sells apps. I've not heard of anyone having issues, but maybe there are some bizarre edge cases where you can't sell apps everywhere if you are registered in a specific country.

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Also, each country has local pre-sales support, so you can contact them before ordering if you have reservations about proceeding with payment. They will get you a specific answer if you ask. Lastly, You can even pay for the developer program and then you get to review the terms and conditions. If they are not to your liking, the developer support phone number and contact information is available to you to request a refund which you could figure out within a week or two of reviewing the T&C.

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    Just want to add, anyone can receive payments for an app as long as their bank account information gets verified. Selling those apps are restricted to the territories Apple support
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  • @soulshined I would qualify your "anyone can receive payments" to "anyone that Apple sells a developer program to and then has their legal paperwork accepted" :-)
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  • touché. What does $99 really buy anyways.
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  • Can people from this country (India) create subscription-based apps? Commented Aug 25, 2018 at 6:26
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If you can get hold of a developer license for that country, then as long as your bank account details are valid and Apple support the currency then you should be able to sell your Apps and be paid. However you should contact the local apple online store for your country and ask them if you are concerned about payment systems.

Much of the sales details are available without needing a log in or to receive the actual license agreement. For instance, take a look at the Apple Store Territories list - the list of countries that apple will support.


Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4804369/official-list-of-countries-for-iphone-appstore-and-in-app-purchase?lq=1

Below is the (somewhat lengthy) list of countries:

  • Country code Country
  • AE United Arab Emirates
  • AG Antigua and Barbuda
  • AI Anguilla
  • AL Albania
  • AM Armenia
  • AO Angola
  • AR Argentina
  • AT Austria
  • AU Australia
  • AZ Azerbaijan
  • BB Barbados
  • BE Belgium
  • BF Burkina Faso
  • BG Bulgaria
  • BH Bahrain
  • BJ Benin
  • BM Bermuda
  • BN Brunei
  • BO Bolivia
  • BR Brazil
  • BS Bahamas
  • BT Bhutan
  • BW Botswana
  • BY Belarus
  • BZ Belize
  • CA Canada
  • CG Republic Of Congo
  • CH Switzerland
  • CL Chile
  • CN China
  • CO Colombia
  • CR Costa Rica
  • CV Cape Verde
  • CY Cyprus
  • CZ Czech Republic
  • DE Germany
  • DK Denmark
  • DM Dominica
  • DO Dominican Republic
  • DZ Algeria
  • EC Ecuador
  • EE Estonia
  • EG Egypt
  • ES Spain
  • FI Finland
  • FJ Fiji
  • FM Federated States Of Micronesia
  • FR France
  • GB United Kingdom
  • GD Grenada
  • GH Ghana
  • GM Gambia
  • GR Greece
  • GT Guatemala
  • GW Guinea-Bissau
  • GY Guyana
  • HK Hong Kong
  • HN Honduras
  • HR Croatia
  • HU Hungary
  • ID Indonesia
  • IE Ireland
  • IL Israel
  • IN India
  • IS Iceland
  • IT Italy
  • JM Jamaica
  • JO Jordan
  • JP Japan
  • KE Kenya
  • KG Kyrgyzstan
  • KH Cambodia
  • KN St. Kitts and Nevis
  • KR Republic Of Korea
  • KW Kuwait
  • KY Cayman Islands
  • KZ Kazakstan
  • LA Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  • LB Lebanon
  • LC St. Lucia
  • LK Sri Lanka
  • LR Liberia
  • LT Lithuania
  • LU Luxembourg
  • LV Latvia
  • MD Republic Of Moldova
  • MG Madagascar
  • MK Macedonia
  • ML Mali
  • MN Mongolia
  • MO Macau
  • MR Mauritania
  • MS Montserrat
  • MT Malta
  • MU Mauritius
  • MW Malawi
  • MX Mexico
  • MY Malaysia
  • MZ Mozambique
  • NA Namibia
  • NE Niger
  • NG Nigeria
  • NI Nicaragua
  • NL Netherlands
  • NO Norway
  • NP Nepal
  • NZ New Zealand
  • OM Oman
  • PA Panama
  • PE Peru
  • PG Papua New Guinea
  • PH Philippines
  • PK Pakistan
  • PL Poland
  • PT Portugal
  • PW Palau
  • PY Paraguay
  • QA Qatar
  • RO Romania
  • RU Russia
  • SA Saudi Arabia
  • SB Solomon Islands
  • SC Seychelles
  • SE Sweden
  • SG Singapore
  • SI Slovenia
  • SK Slovakia
  • SL Sierra Leone
  • SN Senegal
  • SR Suriname
  • ST Sao Tome and Principe
  • SV El Salvador
  • SZ Swaziland
  • TC Turks and Caicos
  • TD Chad
  • TH Thailand
  • TJ Tajikistan
  • TM Turkmenistan
  • TN Tunisia
  • TR Turkey
  • TT Trinidad and Tobago
  • TW Taiwan
  • TZ Tanzania
  • UA Ukraine
  • UG Uganda
  • US United States
  • UY Uruguay
  • UZ Uzbekistan
  • VC St. Vincent and The Grenadines
  • VE Venezuela
  • VG British Virgin Islands
  • VN Vietnam
  • YE Yemen
  • ZA South Africa
  • ZW Zimbabwe
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You can't sign in as an individual or company from at least 5 countries (as of today: Dec 29, 2014):

as consequence of complete embargos:

  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Cuba
  • Sudan

PROHIBITED DESTINATIONS The U.S. holds complete embargoes against Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

The exportation, reexportation, sale or supply, directly or indirectly, from the United States, or by a U.S. person wherever located, of any Apple goods, software, technology (including technical data), or services to any of these countries is strictly prohibited without prior authorization by the U.S. Government.

  • Iran

OFAC IRANIAN GENERAL LICENSE NO. D-1 On Febraury 7, 2014, OFAC issued Iranian General License No. D-1, authorizing the exportation or reexportation, directly or indirectly, from the United States or by U.S. persons, wherever located, to persons in Iran of "certain services, software, and hardware incident to personal communications". General License No. D-1 enumerates certain categories authorized for export to non-prohibited end-users and end-uses in Iran. Some Apple goods and Apple software fall into these categories. For scope and further details, see General License D-1 and the Annex to General License D-1, available from OFAC's Iran Sanctions Resource Center at http://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/pages/iran.aspx.

Source 1
Source 2: I checked my apple dev account and the listed countries

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