I recently acquired a refurbished iPad 2 WiFi and, being an iOS developer, I would like to use it as a test device and load beta iOS versions on it. Apple offers two different downloads, one for an "iPad 2" and one for an "iPad 2 (Model A)." I'm not sure which one I can safely use. This Ask Different answer states that iPad 2's with model number MC979 are not Rev A, whereas A1395 MC954 (black) or MC989 (white) are Model A's. My iPad 2 has "Model A1395" written on the back, however in Settings -> General -> About, it lists the Model as FC769LL/A. Is mine a Model A or not?

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    What makes an iPad an version A or not?
    – Rob
    Dec 27, 2014 at 18:05

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Apparently, the Version A is the iPad 2 that came out in March 2012 and was only sold in a 16GB version. It has a revised A5 CPU and it's Model Identifier is iPad2,4.

The two numbers you're referring to, provide different information.

The one on the back cover is the actual Model Number, which in this case is A1395, whereas the one retrieved from Settings / General / About is the Order Number, and holds information regarding when and where the device was made, its colour and storage.

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