When I have .txt files or .py files, I can Quick Look those files in Finder. I have .jl files that are codes written in the Julia Language. Of course they are text files. They will open in a text editor like Sublime Text. How can I Quick Look these .jl files in Finder?



With the new macOS release in 2019, the macOS Catalina, this approach is banned.

Install QLStephen, a QuickLook plugin that enables viewing of text files with arbitrary filetypes.

To install, copy the *.qlgenerator file to ~/Library/QuickLook/.

  • still works fine for me in Catalina. Just follows the instructions to get around the security warnings – Chris Apr 3 at 2:26

Thank you @SebastianHallumClarke

I didn't find ~/Library/QuickLook/ but I went to the github page of QL Stephen and enter brew cask install qlstephen in the command line and it installed QL Stephen successfully

  • It is now brew install --cask qlstephen, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. – PatrickT Apr 22 at 8:21

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