Apple released the the patch for an NTPD hole. This patch is automatically updated if you have SystemPreferences-->App Store-->Install system data files and security updates; checked. Which we don't.

You used to be able to run in terminal the command:


this would force a check for updates to xprotect.

It seems this command no longer exist in 10.9 and above, is there any other way to force a mac to run the data files and security updates through terminal? Otherwise a solution to turn on just the check box for "Install system data files and security updates" and leave the rest uncheck.

Apple NTPD patch


Check out this post at macops.ca.


/usr/bin/sudo softwareupdate --background-critical

seems to be the answer.

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  • sudo softwareupdate --background-critical worked prefect. Does what the old xprotect command did. Wonder why its not documented in softwareupdate --help – tron_jones Dec 23 '14 at 18:19

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