I have looked for it everywhere, I can't find any clue where to start or how to do it.

I have an Apple Mac Mini with OSX Server that I would like to use as an APNS server to send push notifications for my iPhone application. I'm currently using my Macbook for the sandbox gateway through terminal running a php script.

What I did/have:

  • Generated development/production certificates.
  • pem/p12 files.
  • PHP Script for sending.

If it can't be done on a Mac Mini Server. How would I pull it off from shared hosting or dedicated server? Thanks!


I formatted the Mac Mini and reinstalled OSX 10.10, as deleting all files for OSX Server simply just doesn't work.

I followed the following tutorial : Mac OSX Apache Setup with PHP

Note: To make your Mac Mini a web server, don't install OSX Server at all, it's mostly designed for company workspace to setup calenders, VPN, email servers etc.

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