I have an iPhone 5S. I want to see my playlist by albums instead of by songs. When I add an album of songs to the playlist, it shows all the songs. I can do it on iTunes on the computer but it doesn't seem to allow you to show playlist by album instead of by song.

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Unfortunately you can't do this on your iPhone, but on a mac when you select the playlist you can go to the top right corner and change it from songs to albums for them to be sorted by album.


This option needs to be added on the iPhone.

I like sorting through the music on my phone in Album view and its a big hassle when I have 800+ single songs in my "Gym" Playlist that get lumped in with the full albums I have on the phone.

This has led me to make a separate playlist for the full albums...but you can't view them in any other way except as a list of SONGS in the playlist....its like..damn you can't win.

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