My wife has iPhone 3G and I recently bought iPhone 4 for myself. Since we can easily manage charging for both of our phones from just one wall charger, I actually never unpackaged mine and data cable is still packed as well.

But few days ago I noticed that my phone refusing to sync with even older data cable (from 3rd gen iPod nano) although iPhone 3G does sync with it.

So that got me thinking, do I missing something by not using updated accessories? Faster charging time or data sync maybe? Any thoughts?


I have a total of 5 charging cables (and my partner has another 4) ranging from the 3G days until now. I still use my original 3G cable (the one where you had to press buttons on the side to release it) to plug my iPhone 4 into my iMac, and nothing has gone wrong so far :)

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I'm using the same cables across all my Apple devices (I have so many around, and can't really tell them apart any more). One bit of caution regarding the wall plug, though: there was one model that shipped with either the original iPhone or the 3G which was recalled because it was prone to overheating.

If you haven't run into a problem with yours by now, it's probably not an issue. Just wanted to offer the heads-up.

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  • FYI it was with the iPhone 3G. – Chealion Sep 23 '10 at 18:07

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