mid-2011 13" MBA running Yosemite

Coffee spill has left keyboard of mid-2011 13" MBA non-functioning. Even power button doesn't work, I boot by shorting the two solder points on logic board. I've tried to run the AHT with both the broken 'D' and a USB kb 'D'. Neither seems to be registered, as it just boots normally.

Are there any other workarounds for running AHT?

Thanks in advance.

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    try using a USB/bluetooth keyboard?
    – cmason
    Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 17:02

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You can try to run the AHT from a USB drive.

see the above link to find/download the AHT for your model.

1) Download the AHT for your computer (see downloads below for specific models).

1b) My copy had me convert the downloaded .dmg from some “old” type using Disk Utility. (Just open the .dmg in Disk Utility and “Convert” to a new target, then mount the target.)

2) Mount and completely wipe a USB stick.

3) From the AHT image, copy /System to the root folder of your USB stick:

cd /Volumes/USB_STICK/ && cp -r ~/AHT_ARCHIVE/System .

4) Now, from the USB drive, copy the /System/Library/CoreServices/.diagnostics/diags.efi to the root directory:

cd /Volumes/USB_STICK/ && cp ./System/Library/CoreServices/.diagnostics/diags.efi .

5) Shutdown all applications.

6) “bless” the USB drive in mount-mode, with the EFI file, and immediately reboot:

cd /Volumes/USB_STICK/ && sudo bless --mount /Volumes/USB_STICK --setBoot --file diags.efi && sudo reboot

7) You should now be booting into AHT -- don’t hold down any keys.

8) Run the tests, and yank the USB key after AHT reboots you.

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