Do we have a Vimperator style extension for Safari 5?

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Vimari also offers some of the keyboard shortcuts from Pentadactyl.


Not really. I've been hoping for a good one, but I keep coming back to Firefox and Pentadactyl, a Vimperator fork.

Safari does have Vimlike and Vim Keybindings, but Vimperator and Pentadactyl are miles ahead in terms of features. If all you're looking for is Vim-style movement and the ability to follow links from the keyboard, those should do the trick, but I miss a lot of the deeper features that Pentadactyl offers: javascript evaluation, quicklinks, ability to yank links from the keyboard, and much, much more.


An old question, but it seems that the plugin sVim does a decent job now.


I found the extensions by Daniel Bergey useful: http://dbergey.github.com/


Have a Look at: https://github.com/flipxfx/sVim It's similar to cVim for Chrome.

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