That is, is there a difference between the Yosemite install "app" that I would get on the Mac App Store, between the one I would get on a MacBook Air vs. on a MacBook Pro?

Trying to download it on my Air and install it clean on my Pro.

  • does the MBP qualifies for 10.10 ? – Ruskes Dec 18 '14 at 18:49
  • You can use the install app on any compatible mac. But the app requires an existing installation of a compatible and functioning OS X to install the new version. If you need you can create Bootable USB drives to install or to fix disk problems following this procedure – Coyote Jan 3 '15 at 23:51

The Install App that you download from the Mac App Store is a universal installer that isn't tied to a specific model/build. Similar to the retail installation discs from earlier operating system releases. It will install properly on any supported systems that meet the requirements.

So yes, as long as the installer is from the Mac App Store then you should be able to copy it to a thumb drive and install it on any supported Macs.

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