I'm using a device called a DualHead2Go that lets me plug two external screens into an early gen Macbook Pro. This device basically presents the two screens to the mac as if they were one gigantic 3840x1080 screen.

DualHead2Go Layout

The macbook's internal screen is on the right

The Problem

For the most part this setup works really well - the problem I have is that, as far as the Mac is concerned, the middle of this desktop is right in the break between displays. Which leads to situations like this:

Items being split between displays

Since this is my primary display, notifications and modal dialogs often come up right in the monitor split - not only is this ugly, it's a PITA to deal with.


In order of preference:

  • Some application that would make the Mac work as if the "one display" were actually two. If this were a Linux box, I could do some trickery inside Xorg to present the one display as two.

  • Some application that would allow me to tile windows, taking the display into account

    • I've tried applications like Divvy before, the problem there is that they don't cleanly divide the desktop, leading to windows overhanging the split
  • A tiling window manager, or some other application that allows me to divide my desktop space into set pieces, including where dialogs and notifications pop up.

Are any of these viable?

Questions this is NOT a duplicate of:

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  • Not an answer, but I think the core of the issue is that you're using a device that purposefully makes this hard by presenting your multiple screens as one. Maybe it would be easier to get an adapter that allows them to connect, but still be recognized as separate screens. Oct 9, 2018 at 2:12

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Have you looked at PowerDesk for Mac? the description says it can do what you want. There's a DualHead2Go & TripleHead2Go User Guide for Mac. PowerDesk for Mac can be downloaded for 10.6 thru 10.10. See Download info.

Okay, instead of preferences in order, from your comment they're all requirements.

Try a combo of PowerDesk for Mac, Cinch and SizeUp.

  • Doesn't do what I want, unfortunately. It can differentiate between the screens, but the window management is limited to giving you a hotkey to fullscreen an application on one physical monitor.
    – Mikey T.K.
    Dec 18, 2014 at 4:31

You can use BetterDummy to make your virtual displays, then do PIP window streaming without title bar. NOTE that the PIP streaming is only available with the $15 Pro version. As far as I have used it, it doesn't have problems with gaps between virtual screens.

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