I'm looking for apps that have faux materials in them like leather, wood, paper, etc. (Apple stresses "tactile" apps when guiding developers.) I'm trying to guide a graphic designer. What are some apps that I can show that get the point across?

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Your question didn't specify free apps so here are a few paid apps:

  • Manage - currently $2.99 in AUD. Has a faux leather look.
  • Corkulous - currently $4.99 in AUD. Simulates a corkboard complete with sticky-taped labels and sticky notes.
  • Ruler 2 - currently $0.99 in AUD. Looks like a wooden ruler.
  • ABC News - this one is free. It's not tactile, but the lead stories are presented wrapped around a globe.

There is a free app called Stylapps that is a showcase for stylish apps, though not specifically for apps that look like tactile materials.

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