I currently use "Stay," and have tried other tools (haven't really loved any of them), but I am looking for a window management tool that does the following:

  1. Store my window locations
  2. Have a separate profile for different monitor setups
  3. Allow me to quickly modify the location with hotkeys
  4. Automatically load my default settings when I attach/detach a display

Any help would be great!


I never used stay but I am using Moom (Apple store) and pretty happy with it. It stores windows positions and has configurable hotkeys. There is no automatic settings for different displays but since you can assign hotkeys to configuration is not a big issue.

It is very stable.

  • Hands down, Moom is the best - and exactly what I was looking for. – andrewpthorp Oct 18 '11 at 13:44






I like Spectacle. It's super simple, just a few options, but they do the trick for me. I mostly just use left/right/upper/lower half and fullscreen (calling halves multiple times flips through several options).

Spectacle options screenshot

If you use Homebrew-Cask, install by simply running:

brew cask install spectacle

I prefer DoublePane. It's $2.99 on Mac App Store.

  • its now $9.99 at app store. – jmh Oct 30 '17 at 15:00

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