I was at the Genius Bar recently and the techs had a tiny tool on their loop of cables that looked like a pin with an oval-shaped loop at the top. Anyone know where to acquire this tool?

I know I could cut and bend a small paper clip, but this looked a bit thinner and sturdier. They used it to pop out the SIM card and clean out the Lightning port.


If you purchase an international or unlocked iPhone, it comes with this SIM ejection tool. They cannot be purchased from Apple, however they are sold on eBay/Amazon/etc.

  • Thanks! Mine is a subsidized phone, but with your tip I found some on Amazon. – chrispix Dec 14 '14 at 21:21

The "Apple SIM ejector" is a glorified paperclip. A much better (and more comfortable) tool is a 0.8mm hex driver. Find the precision tools section of your local hardware store and get one that fits. Do NOT get a pointy-end driver like Phillips. Hex drivers have flat ends and smooth sides.

And don't use metal objects to clean out the connector - a toothpick won't scratch up the electrical connections.

  • Thanks. I tried a toothpick, but it only got in a few millimeters before it was too thick. Maybe a flat one would be better. – chrispix Dec 15 '14 at 19:13

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