I want to create an Apple-ID to download viber on my iPod.

Having selected "None" for the payment method and having inserted my address, it takes me out of there.

So, I don't get an email to verify the Apple-ID.

What's going on?


In my experience, it’s usually Apple’s servers causing the delay. Sometimes it can take a few hours to receive, and/or requires multiple resend requests. The quickest way to resolve the issue is by Contacting Apple ID support directly.

That said, they do have a support article for your issue: If you didn't receive your Apple ID verification or reset email.

To summarize the basics:

  1. Check all your mail folders, including spam and junk. The sender address is appleid@id.apple.com.
  2. Confirm that you entered your email address correctly in your Apple ID account
  3. Check that your email client is working properly.
  4. Sign into your account at My Apple ID and resend the verification email.
  • I will try again. Is downloading from the app-store the only method to download viber free to my iPod? – Mary Star Dec 14 '14 at 10:21

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