Typical way of typing national characters (if you need to use them) on a keyboard looks as follows:

This is an example for Polish ą character:

  1. Push ALT.
  2. Push a.
  3. Release a.

As a result we 'll see ą on the screen.

Now, the question: I am looking for slightly more convenient solution:

  1. Push and release ALT.
  2. Push and release a.

As a result we 'll see ą on the screen as well.

I can easily configure emacs to behave like this. Do you know any hack/software or whatever which could allow me to use keyboard in all Mac applications?



Sticky Keys will do that.

System Prefs > Accessibility > Keyboard

It removes the need to hold a modifier key before pressing the associated key to be modified.

enter image description here

You can set options to make it switchable, beep when used, or display the modifier on-screen

enter image description here

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