airprint is pretty cool. On my Mac and PC I could setup a separate profile to use my color printer in black&white mode. Is it possible to do the same when using air print from iphone/ipad?


The built-in AirPrint doesn't allow this sort of functionality as of iOS 4, but if you get the HP ePrint app, you should be able to do B&W printing and manage other settings. This of course only works if you have an AirPrint/ePrint HP printer, it won't work with any other printer that you've hacked to set up with AirPrint.

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  • I don't know how it worked in 2011. Today however, if the AirPrint device supports color, the iOS client will see an additional option to ask for Black+White printing (default is color). Once selected, the client will preview and send black+white PDF data to the AirPrinter. – Kurt Pfeifle May 22 '16 at 15:52

Printopia for Mac will let you configure what settings the printer will use when you AirPrint. For example, you can select to use B&W only.

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