Is it possible to bind more than one items to the clipboard on osx? Which would possibly get evoked by different shortcuts? If it is how can I set it up?

I simply need to have a string always available at my disposal, but would like to keep my clipboard free for other uses.


There is a second clipboard in OS X, called the kill-ring. Press Control ^+K to "kill" (cut) the rest of the current line to the kill-ring, and Control ^+Y to "yank" (paste) it.

  • Brilliant, that is just what I was looking for... easy and inbuilt. – G.Rassovsky Dec 10 '14 at 8:37

For one simple string, or as many as you like - why not use the built-in text replacer - System Prefs > Keyboard > Text.

As many as you like, as complex as you like, simple memorable triggers.

And, what's more… it's free ;)


One of the best third-party apps is the excellent CopyPaste Pro http://plumamazing.com/mac/copypaste

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