I do not like Yosemite's default Spotlight search. It is in the middle of screen and I can see very little outputs at once. It is so much helpful when it is full screen.

Example of the window which has limited height and central location: enter image description here

How can you change the location be at the top right corner and height of the hits full height?


As of today there is no way to move/resize the spotlight window or to rollback to the previous spotlight (as seen on older OSXs)

I would suggest giving a feedback to Apple about this.

  • I sent a feedback about this to Apple second time today and put this time the form which I used to the body of my question. – Léo Léopold Hertz 준영 Apr 7 '15 at 7:09

Here my second bug report to Apple

enter image description here


I was also annoyed by the obtrusive, centrally-located spotlight window. My only solution was to move the window into the upper-right hand corner. OSX remembers the window position so it always reopens in the upper-right hand corner for me now. Slightly more palatable then the original position. Hope this helps!


You don't need "old spotlight" it still exists - just do a spotlight search and then scroll down to the bottom of the documents list on the left until you get to "Show all in finder" and (Fx: roll on the drums) magically old spotlight's results will appear!

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