I do not like Yosemite's default Spotlight search. It is in the middle of screen and I can see very little outputs at once. It is so much helpful when it is full screen.

Example of the window which has limited height and central location: enter image description here

How can you change the location be at the top right corner and height of the hits full height?


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As of today there is no way to move/resize the spotlight window or to rollback to the previous spotlight (as seen on older OSXs)

I would suggest giving a feedback to Apple about this.

  • I sent a feedback about this to Apple second time today and put this time the form which I used to the body of my question. Apr 7, 2015 at 7:09

Here my second bug report to Apple

enter image description here


I was also annoyed by the obtrusive, centrally-located spotlight window. My only solution was to move the window into the upper-right hand corner. OSX remembers the window position so it always reopens in the upper-right hand corner for me now. Slightly more palatable then the original position. Hope this helps!


You don't need "old spotlight" it still exists - just do a spotlight search and then scroll down to the bottom of the documents list on the left until you get to "Show all in finder" and (Fx: roll on the drums) magically old spotlight's results will appear!

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