I am looking for a dwell clicking software that supports as many following features as possible:

  • left and right-dragging
  • double/triple click
  • a shortcut can be defined to change the mouse mode
  • the mouse mode window is always on Top
  • customizable dwell clicking time (i.e. the time one needs to hold the mouse steady in an area before the mouse click is sent)

A few definitions:

  • Right-dragging = you click the right mouse button while pointing at something, hold down the right mouse button and drag the object somewhere
  • Dwell clicking = Instead of having to press a mouse button or a switch the user needs to simply hold the mouse steady in an area for a predefined amount of time. This action issues the computer with a 'virtual' click and provides the same function as if someone had pressed the mouse button.

On Windows I use Point-N-Click dwell clicking software: it has all the above-mentioned features (and is free).

enter image description here

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DwellClick is a nice dwell clicking app on mac that is customizable, versatile, as well as nice-looking. The following pictures show the hands-free panel and the pop-up panel of the app.

Hands free panel Pop-up panel

It supports most of the features you mentioned:

  • single/double click, drag, drag & hold
  • keyboard shortcuts for changing modes
  • hands-free panel that stays on top
  • customizable dwell clicking time

In addition, there are other features such as:

  • modified click with ⇧, ⌃, ⌥ or ⌘
  • pop-up panel near the mouse pointer to select different modes

The only modes missing from your inquiry are triple click and right drag, but I don't think Mac OS uses these modes. However, it should be easy to configure a desired short cut or action to the modified clicks using BetterTouchTool mentioned above, so that you can use them instead.


Haven't seen anything on Dwell for mac unfortunately. I've started playing with BetterTouchTool since Jitouch hasn't updated for Yosemite. BTT seems more versatile if not as nicely predefined. BTT enables assigning actions to trackpad gestures or mouse. I don't know how to integrate dwell clicking, sounds interesting.

enter image description here

  • Thanks, BTT is great indeed but I'm afraid it does not have any dwell clicking function indeed :( Commented Dec 13, 2014 at 16:26

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